Jake lives in Cape County in Missouri and for the last few years, he hasn’t slept well. Jake constantly tosses & turns which made his wife sleep deprived and irritable to him and their children at times. Jake and his wife, due to a lack of sleep, would feel like they were ‘crashing’ every day in the early afternoon. They had only owned their pillowtop mattress for a few years so they didn’t think a new bed would do them any good.

There are so many people, not just in Cape County, but around the Country that have issues sleeping rather it be disturbing their partner, sweating, headaches, backaches, and the list goes on. It’s been quoted time and time again, a bed is simply the best investment you can make. If you sleep well, you feel good, you have energy…your body truly thrives with the right amount of quality sleep.

After doing some research, Jake thought he had come up empty-handed. He talked to a friend who had just bought a ‘foam’ style mattress but he would sweat a lot and still had random body pains when he would wake.

When Jake thought there were no other options to consider and reaching a new level of frustration with always being tired, waking up sore some days and his wife not sleeping well either, he decided to swing by The Mattress Guys which is located in Cape Girardeau, MO. Jake says he immediately began talking with someone about his sleeping experiences and within just a couple of minutes, he was testing a bed that felt extremely good to him but he still wasn’t sold after what he’s experienced and what his friend told him about the foam mattress he had purchased.

Jake talked with Jamee, the expert at The Mattress Guys a little more and said a few questions that he was asked by her, changed his life. Jamee told him to ask yourself these questions and you’ll find the best night of sleep you can imagine.

  1. Does the mattress contour to your shoulders?
  2. Does it lift & support the small of your back?
  3. Does it contour to your hips?
  4. Does it reduce partner disturbance?
  5. Does it have firm, comfortable sides?

‘As I was laying on the mattress, thinking through those questions, I answered yes to every single one’. Jake ended up purchasing the Restonic mattress that day. Jake had read horror stories about people buying mattresses online that weren’t the authentic brands and didn’t feel good and they were a pain to return so he felt good about buying it locally.

‘The first night on it was like I died and had gone to heaven, I slept like a baby’, Jake said. He surprised his wife and had the bed fully dressed before she arrived at home and when she laid down, she almost couldn’t believe how comfortable the bed was. The only problem Jake ran into to was, ‘she would barely get herself to leave the bed for work the next morning’, Jake said.

It’s now been a month since Jake purchased his Restonic mattress from the Mattress Guys in Cape Girardeau and is happy to report that he’s sleeping like a baby at night, his tossing & turning is a thing of the past which has made life much happier for the entire family; if he does have to get up at night, he doesn’t disturb his wife. One side note, Jake added is that ‘I even sleep cooler on this mattress which isn’t something I ever even thought about, I really couldn’t ask for a better mattress or better company to deal with.